Welcome to Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons

42 hectares of common land

designated as a county wildlife site

Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons comprises 42 hectares of privately owned common land, consisting of about 25% grass and bracken with woodland forming the remainder. The owner, Christine Stott  and the local Preservation Society (HCCPS) manage the Commons which are designated as a County Wildlife Site.

Hilltop Commons Conservation Group run regular volunteer days as part of their conservation work on the commons. Work can be varied and has included scrub clearance and pond restoration. Tools, hot refreshments and delicious cakes are provided and it's a wonderful way to make new friends whilst enjoying the great outdoors.


George VI’s coronation in 1937: a horse chestnut W of hexagonal bench which replaced former bus shelter (near notice board & map). Originally protected by iron railings, which DRB removed in early 80s because the bands were cutting into the trunk. Part of iron base still visible in 2001.

HCCPS Volunteers clear excess growth

The new view of the jubilee tree that we cleaned up at the last working party. You can see the whitish buds on the near side. David Barnard.


May 2017

Great to find Tawny chicks in the Barn Owl box on the common. Tawnies leave the nest very young; they leave before fledging and sit around in the tree so another few days and we might have missed them. We were lucky to catch them at just the right age for ringing.  Thanks to BORG for monitoring our boxes.

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The work to bury the black plastic, and landscape the pond edge, was completed on 30th November which means that the pond is now ready for the winter rains, when the new earth will settle to some extent. We hope the pond will, over the next few months, regain much of its former water depth to the benefit of both the wildlife and the local community.

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Isobel Clark talks about the unusual Heathland Flora on Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons, where she is the Volunteer Coordinator for Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons Preservation Society (HCCPS).
Peter Hall talks about why he volunteers for Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons Preservation Society covering 42 hectares of Common land, designated as a County Wildlife Site, based in the Hilltop villages of the Chiltern Hills, England.


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