How can I help?

Although much of the work on the Commons is done by volunteers we do have a number of ongoing costs which include such items as insurance for the Conservation Group; routine maintenance of the tractor and other equipment; training in the use of chainsaws; consultants' fees etc.

For this we are reliant on membership fees, donations and fund-raising such as the sale of cards and calendars. Over the years we have tried to keep subscriptions to a minimum in the hope that if, as users of the Commons, we all give a little our Society can achieve a lot.

You can become a member of the Society and pay an annual subscription of just £10 or £20 for a family membership, which will help with costs of maintaining equipment and other routine maintenance. Either subscribe below or click here for all our payment options.

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Unsubscribe at any time and no further payments will be taken.

make a donation to hccps

How about a one off donation? This will help pay for chainsaw training, pond surveys and other conservation work.


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Volunteer and make new friends

We are currently looking for volunteers to help with the tractor work. Volunteers need to have a full driving licence and to have driven regularly for at least 5 years. We can provide some informal training on how to drive the tractor and in the use of the swipe. Please get in touch with Isobel if you would like to help with some of the paths using your own equipment, e.g. a ride-on mower, or wouldlike to use the Society's tractor for path cutting.

We are always looking for more volunteers to join our Hilltop Commons Conservation Group who manage the grassland and remnant heathland, keep paths and rides clear of low and fallen branches, regenerate gorse, control bracken and scrub, and manage the ponds, all with the aim of improving the biodiversity of the Commons. We often have a bonfire and there's tea and cake. We'd love to see you and show you the delights of the Commons.

Please get in touch with Isobel for all the possible volunteering activities

Click here to see programme of volunteer sessions for 2018

The group meets every other Sunday from Autumn to the end of March at 9.30am to 12.30pm with a break for refreshments at 11am. Tools are provided and training in their use if necessary.

Everyone is welcome including supervised children. Please come for whatever length of time you can spare or as often or rarely as fits in with your other commitments. You will be notified by email with dates and directions. It is always a good idea to bring thick gloves in case the work involves blackthorn or brambles.

Volunteer in other ways

Even if you are not keen to be involved in the physical work of maintaining the Commons there are many other ways in which you can contribute.

We would love to have your Commons photographs; help with design of cards, calendars, promotional materials; maintenance of flora and fauna records; fund-raising etc. Please contact if you are able to help in any way. 


HCCPS – Privacy Notice

The aims of the Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons Preservation Society are set out in its constitution but broadly are that the Society should help protect the Commons.  Membership is limited to residents of the local villages and others demonstrating support for the Society’s aims.  Under the law on Data Protection coming into force in May 2018, HCCPS will be able to use data about members and supporters to communicate to them matters relevant to the aims of HCCPS, including its activities and events.  This use is based on what the law calls “legitimate interest” as members and others who have expressed support for or interest in the activities of HCCPS have a relationship based on that membership or expression of support.  Communication may be by post or hand delivery, by telephone or by electronic means depending on the contact details HCCPS holds for the person in question and any preferences expressed by them about how they wish HCCPS to communicate with them. 

HCCPS securely keeps data about members and supporters; the information comprises contact details (home and email addresses and telephone numbers), such financial records necessary to maintain accurate accounts and records of participation in HCCPS activities and areas of interest touching on the Commons in which a member has a particular interest.  In addition, for those participating in HCCPS working parties, medical information that might be essential in the unfortunate event of an accident in maintained in accordance with the law and is only provided to the leader of a particular working party.

A member or supporter has the right to request that HCCPS no longer keeps any personal data about that person, although it would not be easy to reconcile such a request from a member with continuing membership of HCCPS.  Any person about whom HCCPS has data has the right to ask HCCPS for access to, rectification of or erasure of that data; to restrict processing of the data (pending correction or deletion); or to object to communications.  Data will be retained for so long as the member remains a member.

The controller of personal data maintained by HCCPS is HCCPS which can be contacted at