1.  Otherwise than in the lawful exercise by the persons entitled to the soil of the land their licensees and tenants of their respective rights or by a person or persons entitled to commonable rights of a right of common no person shall commit any of the following acts:-

a)        Injure or remove trees, shrubs, gorse, bracken,
heather, plants or turf on or from the land.

b)       Remove gravel, sand or soil from the land.

c)        Take or attempt to take fish from any water
comprised in the land.

d)       Discharge firearms or throw or discharge missiles on
the land.

e)        Shoot or wilfully disturb, chase, or take game or
other birds or animals on the land.

f)          Permit dogs to chase game or other birds or animals
or otherwise fail to keep dogs under proper control
on the land.

g)       Remove or attempt to remove birds' eggs or nests on
the land.

h)  Set traps, nets, or snares for birds or animals on the land.

i)   Permit horses, cattle, sheep, or other animals to graze or stray on the land.

j)   Bathe in any pond or stream comprised in the land.

k)  Post or paint bills, advertisements, placards, or notices on the land.

1)   Injure notice boards, seats or receptacles for rubbish on the land.

m) Place or deposit and leave any glass, china,

earthenware, tin, carton, paper, or other rubbish so as to create or tend to create a litter on the land.

n) Injure or disfigure any ancient monument or earthwork or object of historical, scientific, or antiquarian interest on the land.

o)  Break in horses by grooms or others on the land.

p)  Hold any show, exhibition or fair or place any swing, roundabout, or other like thing on the land.

q)  Erect or place any building, tent, booth, stall, fence, post, railing or other similar structure for any purpose on the land.

r)   Create any nuisance or disturbance, use obscene language on the land, or behave thereon in an indecent or disorderly manner to the annoyance of any person.

s)   Generally injure or disfigure the land or interfere with the use thereof by the public for the purpose of air and exercise.


2.   The rights of access of members of the public to land
for air and exercise shall NOT extend to:-

a)   The riding of horses or other animals EXCEPT on the
highways and the following permissive rides.

i)   On land on the north-east side of the Hawridge-Cholesbury road and within ten yards thereof, excepting across the outfield of the cricket ground; and on the south-west side of the Hawridge-Cholesbury road and within ten yards thereof; and on the eastern side of the Cholesbury-Wigginton road and within ten yards thereof.

ii) On the land at the bottom of the Commons and within ten yards of the Northeast boundaries thereof.

iii) On the cross connecting ride commencing at the top horse-ride opposite the Full Moon public house and ten yards west of the boundary of Mermaid Cottage, proceeding in a northerly direction to join the bottom horse ride.

b)   The riding of pedal or motor bicycles and tricycles
except on the highways.

3.  If done on the Commons, it is an offence for anyone
exercising rights of access to the Commons, without
lawful authority:-

a)         To draw or drive any carriage, cart, caravan, truck or
other vehicle otherwise than on a public highway.

b)        To camp.

c)         To light fires.

The maps on the notice boards also say: "Horses may only be ridden on the Common along the Track

designated thus:- on the plan above.