Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons Preservation Society
Hilltop Conservation Group sessions

Sundays 9.30am – 12.30 pm

Everyone is welcome, adults and children alike. Bring thick gloves. Refreshments provided.
For further info: contact David Barnard (758365) or Isobel Clark (758987)
 email volunteer@hawridgeandcholesburycommons.org 

Dates for 2017 

Date     8th October 2017

Meeting place    Opposite May Cottage, Hawridge:   Grid ref:943066

Activities   Clear fallen and low trees and saplings from beside path. Bonfire


Date     22nd October 2017

Meeting place    Opposite the end of Shire Lane:   Grid ref:933073

Activities   Burn bracken/gorse. Fell tree to block footpath. Cut holly to widen horse track. Bonfire


Date   5 Nov 2017

Meeting place  Track opposite High View, Hawridge            Grid Reference: SP943067

Activities   Cut back low branches and open up path, clearing holly back. Bonfire


Date   19 Nov 2017

Meeting place   Half way down hill opposite top of Rays Hill, Cholesbury:   Grid ref:935071

Activity   Clear up fallen oak limb. Bonfire


Date   3 Dec 2017

Meeting place   On bottom ride below Horseblock, Hawridge         Grid ref: SP942069

Activities   Clear up fallen apple tree and cut back elders to open bottom ride. Bonfire


Date   17 Dec 2017

Meeting place   Between Full Moon and cricket pitch:   Grid ref:935071:   

Activities   Continue to clear edge of woodland between pub and cricket pitch,cut back scrub by Mermaid Cottage to 8' high (not more width). Bonfire