Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons Preservation Society
Hilltop Conservation Group sessions

Sundays 9.30am – 12.30 pm

Everyone is welcome, adults and children alike. Bring thick gloves. Refreshments provided.
For further info: contact Richard Bysouth (01442 825879) or Isobel Clark (01494 758987)
 email volunteer@hawridgeandcholesburycommons.org 

Dates for Autumn 2018 

Date   07-Oct 2018       

Location Opposite Benton Potts, Hawridge

Activities   Clear up fallen branches and burn. Remove holly from paths. Bonfire


Date   21-Oct 2018

Location Cross ride behind cricket pavilion, Cholesbury

Activities   Widen and heighten ride behind cricket pavilion. Remove grazing exclosure. 

Date   04-Nov 2018      

Location Rays Hill ride between April Cottage and Common Ley, Cholesbury

Activities   Widen path and ride by cutting holly and fallen branches and brambles. Bonfire

Date   18-Nov 2018

Location Between top of Stoney Lane and Rose and Crown, Hawridge

Activities   Clear holly beside paths and cut overhanging blackthorn

Date   02-Dec 2018

Location Beside Stoney Lane, Hawridge

Activities   Coppice hazel and clear overhanging and fallen branches

Date   16-Dec 2018

Location In front of Post Office Cottages and April Cottage, Cholesbury

Activities   Clear fallen blackthorn and other trees. Bonfire