The aims of the Hawridge and Cholesbury Commons Preservation Society are set out in its constitution but broadly are that the Society should help protect the Commons.  Membership is limited to residents of the local villages and others demonstrating support for the Society’s aims.  Under the law on Data Protection coming into force in May 2018, HCCPS will be able to use data about members [and supporters] to communicate to them matters relevant to the aims of HCCPS, including its activities and events.  This use is based on what the law calls “legitimate interest” as members [and others who have expressed support for or interest in the activities of HCCPS] have a relationship based on that membership [or expression of support].  Communication may be by post or hand delivery, by telephone or by electronic means depending on the contact details HCCPS holds for the person in question and any preferences expressed by them about how they wish HCCPS to communicate with them. 

HCCPS securely keeps data about members [and supporters]; the information comprises contact details (home and email addresses and telephone numbers), such financial records necessary to maintain accurate accounts and records of participation in HCCPS activities and areas of interest touching on the Commons in which a member has a particular interest.  In addition, for those participating in HCCPS working parties, medical information that might be essential in the unfortunate event of an accident in maintained in accordance with the law and is only provided to the leader of a particular working party.

A member [or supporter] has the right to request that HCCPS no longer keeps any personal data about that person, although it would not be easy to reconcile such a request from a member with continuing membership of HCCPS.  Any person about whom HCCPS has data has the right to ask HCCPS for access to, rectification of or erasure of that data; to restrict processing of the data (pending correction or deletion); or to object to communications.  Data will be retained for so long as the member remains a member.

The controller of personal data maintained by HCCPS is HCCPS which can be contacted athccps@hawridgeandcholesburycommons.org