The Aims

To protect the Commons, keep the footpaths and permissive rides clear and enhance the Commons' ecological value*.

To preserve the Commons as a natural sanctuary for wildlife and, noting their special status as a Local Wildlife Site, to enhance their biodiversity**.

To develop and implement the plan for the management of the Commons.

To keep the Commons clear of rubbish.

To keep a watching brief on matters related to legislation which may affect the Commons.

To give the Society's views to the appropriate person or body on any development which might affect the natural beauty of the area.

To hold an annual Social Occasion to enable members and others who live locally to get to know each other.

* ecological value: A measure of the significance or interest of an area of land as a  habitat supporting species of flora and fauna.

** biological diversity: "the variety of life forms, the ecological roles they perform, and the genetic diversity they contain".

The Rules

1. Membership of the Society is open to all residents of Hawridge, Cholesbury, Heath End and Braziers End and to others who pay the annual subscription and who support the Aims of the Commons Preservation Society.  Any doubts as to eligibility for membership of the Society will be resolved by the Committee

2. The business considered at any General Meeting must be agreed by a majority of those members present and voting

3. The Annual General Meeting will elect a Committee comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and not more than seven Committee members.  If there is more than one nomination for any of the posts of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer then an election shall be held to determine the successful nominee for the relevant position(s).  Likewise, if there are more than seven nominations for other Committee members, there will be an election to determine the successful nominees

4. Only members of the Society may serve on the Committee.  At least two thirds of the Committee must have one of the villages of Hawridge, Cholesbury, Heath End or Braziers End in their postal address

5. The Chairman will not hold office for more than three consecutive years

6. The committee may co-opt additional members at its discretio

7. The Society's financial year shall run from 1 November to the subsequent 31 October

8. The Annual General Meeting will be held within 2 months of the financial year’s end

9. Annual subscriptions will be determined at the Annual General Meeting