Permissive Rides on the Commons by Linden Bevan-Pritchard

HCCPS is currently renewing the signs on the Commons to show where horses are welcome. (Please see map). Your cooperation in not straying onto paths, which are specifically designated for walkers, is greatly appreciated. If in doubt, there are also maps on three white boards that you can find at the Cricket Club, opposite the school, or at the top of Church Path in Hawridge.

The Permissive Rides run along the top (South) and bottom (North) of the Commons with four links between which provide a variety of different possible routes.

1.     At Cholesbury, a cross-track runs parallel to the Cholesbury to Wigginton Road behind the Cricket Pavilion.

From there the top ride crosses the main Cholesbury to Chesham Road to avoid the outfield of the Cricket Pitch and rejoins the main part of Cholesbury Common by the Dew Pond, before continuing eastward to the Rose and Crown in Hawridge with three further links between the top and bottom rides.

2.     A cross-track just west of Mermaid Cottage (opposite the Full Moon) by the boundary of Hawridge and Cholesbury

3.     Horseblock Lane

4.     Stoney Lane

As the road down Rays Hill is potentially hazardous for horses and riders, the Conservation Group also try to keep a track clear by Common Ley, though it isn’t officially a permissive ride.

Because of the nature of our soil and the topography, the rides can become very boggy in wet weather and are probably best avoided at these times. However, the Conservation Group spend time in their winter sessions ensuring that high growth on either side of the rides is cut back so that more air and sunlight can help dry them out quickly as the weather warms up.

In order to maintain their permissive status the rides must be closed for one day a year. This usually occurs on the first Monday in March at a time of year and on a day of the week which we hope is least likely to cause disruption for riders.