Common Tinsel

Common Tinsel

HCCPS invite you to an exciting wildlife event to take place over two days.

Friday 15th May at 7.30pm

Peter Bygate and David Dennis – our local butterfly and moth experts - will be combining their experience and their slides to give an insight into a range of exotic species from the Indian sub-continent. They will also show us some of the more unusual species to be found closer to home.

Friday 15th May at 10.00pm

Later in the evening, they will set up two moth traps on the commons to attract some of the colourful species that are around at this time of year. Anyone is welcome to join them opposite the Full Moon to see what arrives.

Saturday 16th May at 10.00am

The contents of last night’s moth catch will be identified, photographed and released safely. All ages are welcome to come and see what interesting beasts have been flying on our commons while we were all asleep!

Red Lacewing by Peter Bygate

Red Lacewing by Peter Bygate

Fluffy Tit by Peter Bygate

Fluffy Tit by Peter Bygate

Christmas Swag making with Isobel Clark & Ellie Reading

At the beginning of December, Isobel and Ellie Reading organized a very successful event making Christmas Swags (decorations for the door) using greenery from the Commons and/or local gardens with some gold spray; baubles and a few artificial flowers.

swag girls.jpg

This was a fun event, with several families helping put their swags together and, using oasis, meant they could easily be adjusted and lasted really well until twelfth night – much more satisfying and cheaper than going out and buying one.

Our thanks to both Ellie and Isobel for all their help.